nba比分直播及数据 Pursuing New Career Prospects

As JHT Group leverages around 80% of its custumer base in Australian market and it has plans to expand in to USA, Canada and European markets in the near future therefore is seeking talents with willingness to build an innovative career with an opportunity for growth and career advancement.

So, if you believe that you have necessary drive and ambition to join one of Asia most innovative and progressive companies, we want to hear from you.

招聘崗位Position 招聘人數Hiring 工作經驗Experience 工作地點Location
電氣工程師 1 1-2年 無錫 Apply投遞簡歷
自動化設備操作員 1 1年 無錫 Apply投遞簡歷
外貿業務員 1 2-3年 無錫 Apply投遞簡歷
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